Financial Lessons from Richest man in Babylon


1. Pay Ourselves First ( “Start thy purse to fattening.”)
2.  Live below our means. (“Control thy expenditures”)
3. Make our money work for us.  (“Make thy gold multiply”) – See more at:
4. Insurance protects our wealth.  (“Guard they treasures from loss.”)
5. Our home is our biggest expense.  (“Make of they dwelling a profitable investment”)
6. Have a retirement plan. (“Insure a future income.”)
7. Invest in ourselves. (“Increase thy ability to earn.”)
8. Track Our Wealth. (Know where you are and where you are going.) 



Hello world from Starbucks, Largo!

Feb.7, 2016
Welcome to my new blog!  It was previously named ebt2pp, as in “EBT to Prosperity”, but I think, ebt2money, is perhaps much easier to remember than ebt2pp.

Today is Superbowl Sunday, and while all of you may be getting ready for the Superbowl in your living room, Hooters, or at a party at your friend’s house (hopefully), I am quite content sitting here @ my local Starbucks & working on my blog, while we wait for the kickoff. I am very much obliged to Starbucks for providing this incredible atmosphere!

Great seats, good coffee and Free WiFi!  What more can anyone ask?  Ideal for blogging.

Anyway, I am relaxing, working on my blog and simultaneously learning from a Udemy Free course.  I am taking a course by Dr. Richard Feenstra, called “Achieve more with SMART Goals”.  SMART = Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant & Timebound.

I believe that it is entirely possible for someone to go from EBT to pp* and money in a very short time. But only in America.  I am not sure if this is possible in India, the land of my birth, and certainly not in EU and most other places.  However, you can do this in US.

Last year, I went from having $5 in my pocket in early May 2015 to having $5,000 in the bank by the end of May, and then making $49,000 in 6 months last year.

What does it prove?  It proves that the American Dream is alive and well, despite what some Republicans like Trump and others say.  I am living proof and I want to invest in you, and I want to invest in yourself.  Read on, and if you have any questions, please email me, text me or call me if you want to discuss your “Roadmap to Wealth and Prosperity” by using the Cloud, Mobile Apps and your Social Capital.

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Cal Tiger
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Note:  Cal Tiger is the founder and interim CEO and Janitor 🙂 for Smart Cars Inc. dba Smart Things LLC, a new startup focussed on IT, Consulting and new products for Cloud, Mobile, Big Data and IoT. He is a member of Tampa Hackerspace and TIE Tampa.